It's official! 1.0 is finally here! Contact us at with any issues or questions.

What to Expect

Each component has usage, code, and style tabs for easy reference.

You’ll find UX guidelines so you can ensure consistent styling.

There’s easy to copy code to help you get started and maintain consistency.

We’ve included additional resources like the entire UI kit as a Sketch template.

Getting Started

Whether you’re pushing pixels, crafting code, or weaving words, it helps to have design patterns to follow. It makes creating web and mobile experiences easier, saves time, and ensures we’re always aligned with what we’re building. With Iris, you’ll find everything is all in one place. We’re happy you’re here.

UI Kit

If you’re looking for specifics on how our components are designed, please check out our UI kit. It contains our core visual styles, components, iconography, and templates. You’ll find a collection of symbols and text styles for rapid design and layout prototyping.